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LSC Meeting – May 15, 2020

Roger C. Sullivan High School Local School Council
May 15th, 2020 —  10:30 a.m. Google Hangout

Family • Integrity • Service • Tenacity

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Roll Call

Mr. Thomas, Mr. Berrol, Ms. Llorenz, Ms. Mosak, Mr. Thies, Beatrice, Ms. Guijosa, Ms. Evins, Ms. Chrisp.

A quorum was present.

III. Approve Agenda

The agenda was approvedunanimously.

IV. Approve Previous Minutes:  April 24, 2020  Meeting

The Minutes of the April 24,2020 were approved unanimously.

V. Principal’s Report

State of the School

Update on CPS, Sullivan  

  • CPS has released the grading policy for remote learning. Students will not receive failing grades but rather an incomplete and have to make up classes, during remote learning summer school or fall credit recovery classes.  Teachers reported that student engagement has increased a little  since the policy was announced. Students, especially seniors, are doing assignments, check-ins, and using office hours in this transitional time as teachers and students are learning how to engage virtually. It has been particularly challenging for students in dual credit classes.
  • Mr. Thomas reported that 10-15 students at each grade level have had no contact. Every school has been doing remote learning differently. A plan from CPS is expected for the fall.

Capital Improvements 2020- 2021 Update

  • The timeline for capital improvements remains the same, but nothing can be done inside the building until CPS determines how teachers and students can retrieve their belongings. Mr. Thomas has worked with the Alderman’s office on communications with neighbors about the construction work.


  • Graduation will be moved back one week, to June 18. It will be virtual. Seniors have to meet the CPS-required Learn, Plan, Succeed document. The documents and all grades are due June 12. The last day of school is June 18. 

VI. New Business

C.I.W.P – MTSS, Structure for Continuous Improvement and Family and Community Engagement

  • The above 3 priorities for the CIWP were unanimously approved. Actions and timelines will be built out.

Budget SY21

  • The Personnel and Non-Personnel Budgets were reviewed. The following items were unanimously approved:

Teaching and Learning

  • Refresh of outdated Laptops for Teachers and staff = $25,226.60
    • 12 Macbook Laptops = $14,964.00
    • 10 Dell Laptops = $10,262.60


  • Office AC’s = $10,000.00
  • Counseling Suite Build Out = $24,999.00
  • Lights for Auditorium = $6,000.00 (waiting for response from Capital Improvement Project)

VII. Principal Evaluation

Ms. Evins will take the lead on facilitating the LSC’s scoring and explanation.

VIII. Public Comments

PAC Meeting

  • The date for the final meeting has not yet been set.

Next LSC Meeting

IX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35

Respectfully submitted,
Esther Mosak

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