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At Sullivan we have a thorough curriculum to develop students in all areas of learning.  View the departments below to see our curriculum and goals.


The main objective of the Arts Department is to inspire and challenge the creative impulse of its students.

Special Education

The Goal of Sullivan’s Special Education Department is to provide high quality and specially designed instructional supports and services for all diverse learners within their least restrictive environment.



The English curriculum is designed to help students both in acquiring ability for effective written expression in a variety of forms and in developing a lifetime interest for purposeful reading.



Students benefit from a content-based approach to lesson planning and delivery. Language and content instruction are integrated so that students develop academic knowledge and skills in specific content areas at the same time as they develop their language skills.


Low Incidence

The Low Incidence Program promotes collaboration among parents, students, and educators to ensure the program’s students and their families have the necessary services available for success.



The Sullivan Mathematics Department offers a comprehensive college preparatory program, geared toward success at the post-secondary level. The Sullivan Mathematics Department currently offers the following courses:

  • Algebra (Honors and Limited English Proficient available)
  • Geometry (Honors and Limited English Proficient available)
  • Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (Honors Available)
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability
  • *Dual Credit College Algebra/Pre-Calculus (Honors)

Sullivan offers all students an opportunity to compete on our mathematics team. Our “Mathletes” compete in the City of Chicago Mathematics League (CCML). For more information, please contact the team sponsor, Ms. Jeon.

*Dual Credit courses offer students a chance to earn college credit if students successfully complete course requirements.



The objectives of the music program include fostering teamwork, leadership, performance presence, and collaboration. Music is an important part of a well-rounded education.


Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) serves as as place where students are challenged not just physically, but mentally as well. Students are taught various sports but more over the importance of perseverance and teamwork.



Sullivan High School‘s Science department wants to encourage an appreciation for the scientific method and to promote scientific knowledge.


Social Science

The focus of the Social Sciences program is to prepare students to be effective citizens in a changing world.


World Language

Preparing students to be linguistically and culturally competent in languages other than English is the goal of the Sullivan World Language Department.