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Why Sullivan


Individual Impact

At Sullivan, we genuinely have a student-centric approach to learning. We meet students where they are at, teaching them in meaningful ways to them personally. Understanding our students' unique needs helps us build our curriculum around them and not around us.


“We are a Personalized Education school. With our small class sizes and focus on Personalized Learning, each student has the opportunity to thrive.”

– Jordan Johnson, Resource Coordinator

“People think Personalized Learning is for kids that read at a 2nd-grade level, and they are 16, but it is also for the student reading on a college level and wants to go to Uic or U of I.”

– Angela Aviles, World Studies Teacher

“Because of our Learner Profiles and our focus on personalized learning, every team member understands how each of our kids learns and their goals. We are dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams.”

– Matt Fasana, Assistant Principal

An Abundance of

Resources & Opportunities

We are committed to preparing each of our students for success, helping them discover their passions, and setting up the foundation needed to achieve their dreams. We provide various learning experiences and hands-on support that equip our kids with skills they’ll need for their next steps in life, whether going to college or entering the workforce.



Explore our departments and discover new interests.


Career & Technical Education Programs

Discover your passion through CTE Health & Business Academy programs.


Digital Media

Foster your creativity with art, music, and digital media programs.


Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Become a better citizen and join our JROTC program.


AP & Dual Credit Classes

Kick-start college success with AP & Dual Credit classes.


Sullivan Athletics

Experience the thrill of competition through Sullivan Athletics.

We Offer

Wrap-Around Support

We help our students deal with emotional issues and navigate interpersonal relationships. We offer a number of supports to help them organize their life and prepare for post-secondary success, whether that means attending college or entering the workforce.

Sullivan High School Newcomers Academy Logo
All Students can learn

Newcomers Academy

The Newcomers Academy offers a comprehensive program that will meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families. This program provides a seamless experience with, and transition into American culture.

Student & Family

School Health Clinic

Our school based health clinic is unique in that it takes a proactive approach to whole child health as opposed to a reactive approach.

Sullivan Health Clinic
Preparing Your Future

Support Team

Our team of counselors and social workers is dedicated to providing ALL students with the support they need to succeed in their academic careers and social and emotional development. We want every student who walks through our doors to feel supported and prepared for their next steps in life.

"We can help our kids deal with issues that could stop them from being successful. We have a real chance to help them break the cycle of poverty."

– Jason Brooks, Sullivan Counselor

Diverse Learners

Low Incidence Program

Our Low Incidence program was developed to educate students with moderate to significant cognitive disabilities. Through their Personalized Education plan our students not only study core subjects but they will also learn skills ranging from making breakfast to managing a coffee cart or running a recycling program.

"Our low incidence department is unmatched on this side of the city. Our students have very clearly defined real-world connections."

– Megan Mckenna, Diverse Learners Teacher

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