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Sullivan High School Donation Policy

We would like to say thank you to anyone who is considering donating to our school; Sullivan’s Tigers are sincerely grateful!

There are three ways you can donate to our school:

1. The first way you can donate to our school is to make a check out to Sullivan High School. Please feel free to denote where you would like the funds to go in the subject/memo line (I.E: “to the basketball team”) and we will ensure the funds are put in the appropriate account. You can also mail a check to:

Sullivan High School
6631 North Bosworth Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60626
℅ Mr. Cooks

2. You can reach out to the Friends Of Sullivan! This Rogers Park community group is an incredible force for good and positive agents of change for Sullivan High School. The page linked above will take you to their own informative website that features various fundraising goals with which this group has vested interest, all of which directly benefit Sullivan.

3. The final way you can support Sullivan is to donate computers, books, furniture, etc… to our school directly. If you would like to donate materials, please contact Principal Cooks or Assistant Principal Spear  at 773 - 534 - 2000. They will follow up with you and discuss next steps.

These are the ONLY ways you can support Sullivan High School. We do not support or condone any other organizations, foundations, or non-profits that claim they take donations on our behalf.Thank you again for your generosity and support!


The Sullivan Admin Team

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