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At Sullivan High School, mathematics students will engage in a personalized, standards-based curriculum to become resourceful, persevering problem solvers. Students will develop critical thinking skills and regularly communicate their understanding of mathematical reasoning by applying their knowledge of concepts to solve real world problems.


Integrated Mathematics 1 9th Grade Emphasis on solving, graphing, translating and modeling linear functions, inequalities and statistical scenarios.
Integrated Mathematics 2 10th Grade Emphasis on quadratic functions and equations, applications of geometry and trigonometry
Integrated Mathematics 3 11th Grade Emphasis on polynomial and rational functions, exponential functions and equations, and statistics
Financial Algebra 11th / 12th Grade Emphasis on understanding personal finances and apply topics to students’ like shopping, credit cards, savings, mortgages, college loans, paystubs, income tax and checking accounts
Transitional Mathematics 12th Grade Emphasis on personal finance, Statistics & Predictions in Everyday Life, describe and plan for their physical world using mathematical ideas and properties, Math in Decision Making, and capstone project
Dual Credit Statistics 12th Grade Emphasis on gathering, organizing data. Represent the data into graphical form then analyze the data so that it could be understood by any people


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