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Our Philosophy

"We start with the kid in mind"

"At Sullivan, we changed the way we looked at instruction. We changed the way we looked at curriculum. We start with the kid in mind. We start with who our students are as a class, who they are as individuals. And then we start to plan our instruction, look at our curriculum and try to meet the needs of the students but also meet their passions, where they are and what they’re interested in each day."

– Principal, Chad Thomas

Our Vision

Sullivan High School is committed to prepare lifelong learners to be empathetic and innovative thinkers who serve the global community in pursuit of equity and justice.

Our Mission

We, The Sullivan community, are driven to implement a personalized, standards-based curriculum that prepares all learners for real-world, postsecondary success.

We strive to create a positive, supportive learning environment that nurtures independence and critical thinking in our students, while we guide them towards postsecondary success.


Our Targets

Teach and Support Students and Staff to USE...

Peronalized learning and social emotional learning competencies as well as restorative practices necessary to succeed in high school, college, career, and life.

Support Students to MASTER...

academic standards giving them the tools to critically think and attain 3.0 or greater GPA for the school year.

Strive to IMPROVE...

the Rogers Park community by learning about issues beyond our walls and build capacity within ourselves to better our neighborhood

Support Students in DEVELOPING

a postsecondary plan that they are proud of and can implement when they graduate from Sullivan.

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